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Devine Snow Fitting


Bad fitting Ski or Snowboard boots WILL ruin your day on the mountain - or even your whole Ski or Snowboard holiday break. Thats a motto that we live by as far as Skiing and Snowboard boots go.

Why suffer in silence ? Your boots are the single most important thing to spend your hard earned cash on. They connect you to your bindings and then in turn to your Skis or Snowboards. Not only do bad fitting boots hurt, they also alter how the Skis or Snowboard "feels" when riding them.

So here's a few points to consider when buying new Skis or Snowboard boots:-

1. The resposiveness of the Skis and Snowboard are just one thing that can change with bad or good fitting boots.

2. Bad fitting boots can hinder progression of beginners or even advanced Skiers alike.

3. Just like our bodies as we age, feet change shape too, so get them checked if in any doubt.

4. Get the boots right first and "then" think about the rest of your equipment later.

We can offer you a totally FREE Ski and Snowboard Boot Fitting service when you buy your boots from us.

Even if you don't buy Ski or Snowboard boots from us, we will still fit them for you for a nominal cost. Contact us for a quote as every situation is different for every person. If you need an idea of cost then work on a minimum cost of £60.00 for the first hours work.

From a bunion, to wide feet, to pronating or suppinating feet, we will work with you to try and get you the best fit possilbe.

On top of all of this, if you buy boots and we fit them, you can relax in knowing, we will offer you our "Good Fit" warranty, so if you need them adjusting or re-fitting after break in, we will do it completely FREE for you. (This covers labour only and excludes footbeds and other boot fitting accessories).

To book a boot fitting, fill in the contact form here and say whether you want Ski or Snowboard boots and ask for preferred fitting date. Also mention your normal shoe size. Once we receive your message, we will get back to you with a confirmed date.